Management Of Your Personal Health Information

Your medical record is a confidential document.

It is the policy of Marsden Clinic to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised staff.

Recall and Reminder System

Our practice is committed to ongoing preventative care. Your Doctor /Reception Staff will seek your permission to be added on our recall system. We may advise you by phone or SMS that you need to make an appointment to see your Doctor. If you do not wish to be on our recall system , please advise your Doctor or Reception Staff.


Test Results

Please make an appointment with your doctor to discuss your test results .

Our Practice Policy is that no results will be given over the phone for privacy reasons.

Our Practice Nurse cannot give out specific result information.

Telephone Access to Doctors

Doctors will not be interrupted during a consultation unless it is an emergency. A message can be left with reception and the doctor will return your call when possible. At all times an appointment is the best option. Our registered nurse may be able to assist you with your enquiry.

Home Visits

Home visits are available to our regular patients who live within the local area. Please contact reception to enquire.

Transfer Of Medical Records

Marsden Clinic retains ownership of all records and information at this practice.

For medico-legal reasons, we are unable to send original medical records to another practice.

Upon receipt of a formal request, we will send a Health Summary along with any relevant results and documents to your new doctor.

If further information is requested or complete record is required a fee will apply for staff time, photocopying expenses, postage and handling.

Each patient over the age of 18 will need to sign their own request for medical records.


For further information regarding the Privacy Policy of your medical record, please see your Doctor or the Practice Manager.

Email Policy

Email is NOT a secure form of transmission 

Communication via email does not ensure your privacy and confidentiality.

Our email is for non urgent contact that does not require an immediate response.

For anything that is urgent or needs to be dealt with in a timely manner, please phone 3299 6777 and speak with one of our reception staff.

Privacy Policy

Our                          is compliant with the Australian Privacy Principals which dictates the collection use and disclosure of your health information. This is available at

Our Practice uses your information in the following ways:


Billing:  Medicare, Workcover Queensland, Department of Veteran Affairs and other relevant bodies who are involved in the billing process.


Health information: The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register, VIVAS, Pap Smear Registry, Breast Screen Queensland. Brisbane South Primary Health Network, My Health Record.


Authorised agents who have an agreement to maintain confidentiality may view some information held by this practice for the sole purpose of quality assurance. (AGPAL- for Practice Accreditation)


Any objection to use any of your information must be referred to the Practice Manager or Doctor.

Our website does not store any patient information. We do provide a link to a third party appointment software

provider called Health Engine. You can view their privacy policy at

Patient Feedback

The doctors and staff at Marsden Clinic value your input and appreciate any suggestions or feedback that you may have that could assist us in enhancing the quality of our service.

If you feel there is something we could do better or differently please let us know.

Feedback or suggestions can be made by emailing our Practice Manager at, in person or completing one of our feedback/suggestion forms located at reception.

If you experience any issues or difficulties with regards to this practice, please contact the Practice Manager

via email or phone. If your concerns cannot be resolved by direct contact with the practice, you may contact the Health Ombudsman on 133 646, or the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) on

1300 336 002.

Website Disclaimer

Marsden Clinic offers this website for public use only.

The content on this website is not to be substituted for your health professionals advice.

Marsden Clinic accepts no legal liability or responsibility for any injury, loss or damage caused by the use of information given or the content therein. Whilst this website has security measures  in place, this is a public network site. We do not apply tracking cookies to our website. It is your responsibility and risk to ensure you have adequate precautions in place to minimise any risk of infections and viruses to computers, internet capable devices and software. Marsden Clinic will not accept any liability to  computers, internet capable devices and software that has been damaged as a result of the website been tampered with by third parties.